Diamond league for the first time

I started playing splinterlands 3 months ago and slowly built up my deck. With mostly silver cards, i seldom reach Gold I.

After 3 seasons trying to reach Diamond using my own deck without success, I decided to create a new account, go to https://peakmonsters.com/ and rent a Gold deck to play the last 2 days of the previous season.

This deck costs me around $20 for 30-60 days, i can use them next 2-4 seasons.

deck rent

In less than one day, i reached rating 2801, Diamond III, for the first time (then i keep losing and can not reach there again, but i’m still happy with that)


Now is the best part, although i only got 8 daily request cards (for Gold I league, i should have claimed the rewards when i was on Diamond), these are what i received


My first Gold Foid Legendary!!!

Its value is enough to pay for the rent cost and there’re still some left to rent 2 or 3 more splinters! I’m more and more in love with this game ^_^